August 12, 2014

Rainy Afternoon and a Meme

Rain! After a nice sunny spell we are having a little rain storm this afternoon. The fish in the pond are happy campers. They love when it rains. It's also Tuesday and that means I am joining in on Toni's meme.

#11 Personal Preferences (Fill In The Blanks)

1. Quiet evening at home or Out on the town?
Quiet evenings at home are nice but I love going out too.  I enjoy walking by the water, picnics,  eating out, seeing a good movie, plays, the opera, sight seeing or window shopping.  Of course, I don't get out much so I try to make the most of it when I do

2. Watch a movie or Reading a good book?
I like to read late at night. Watching a movie is an earlier activity for me .
I love watching television with my girls.

3. Order a meal or cooking one yourself?   I have never had a better meal out than I can cook at home but I love to have someone else cook every now and again.  I enjoy ordering out for pizza, etc.

4. Going for a walk or taking a ride in the car?    Either one. It really depends on where I am going.  I am still getting back into walking but I am doing more all the time.

Thanks for a great meme Toni!
Tonight the girls and I  get together for Pretty Little Liars. a highlight of my week.


  1. Happy Tuesday Annie; We have a lot in common with our answers to the meme. The only thing missing for me is being able to walk by the water. I think if I lived in your area I would do a lot more walking. I'll be posting your meme tomorrow and it's a good one! :) Enjoy your evening with your girls dear friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie! Enjoyed your Meme answers. I am going to start trying to do the Memes. Have a lovely evening. HUGS

  3. Hi Annie. Enjoyed reading your meme answers. Hope you had a wonderful day! Hugz!!

  4. Hi Annie, I hope you are having a great week and I am the same when it comes to staying in or going out. I love to do stuff but there is nothing like staying home. Take care! Hugs

  5. Hi, Annie. My daughters and grand daughters watch Pretty Little Liars too. There is so much to see when you walk rather than ride in a car. I'm glad you're able to walk more. Enjoyed your answers! Have a great day.

  6. Hi Annie! I adored your meme answers. They were pretty much the same as mine. :) I've seen an episode or two of Pretty Little Liars and it looked pretty good. I'm surprised that the Ravenwood Spinoff didn't really take off. Hope you're well!


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