August 21, 2014

Your Vacation...What is it Like?

This week's meme is all getting away from it all.

1. You have a choice of 3 vacation spots.  Choose one, tell us why, please?
I have linked each one so you can choose. 
Steps beach, Nantucket
     a.  Santa Barbara, California
     b.  Nantucket , Massachusetts
     c.  Montana's national parks
While I am really drawn to Montana, (never been there and love the west), with my spine I will stick with the beauty and relaxing atmosphere of Nantucket.  It isn't really much different from where I live now, but I adore the beach wherever I go and I love Massachusetts (as well as Nova Scotia and PEI in summer).
I could have a fabulous time in any of the three.   
My daughter was in Santa Barbara and said it was gorgeous.

2. Will you stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast?
This rental cottage actually is similar in style to my cottage
though this seems a bit smaller. I have white beach roses
climbing on the chimney
and a large bay window

      I would rent a cottage or a nice hotel please.  

 Back in the day I would have camped out in Montana and loved it.    Now, a nice hotel in Nantucket will suit me just fine.

3.  Local fare for meals--places the locals recommend--  gourmet restaurants or whatever suits you?
      Local hangouts are always the best food but nothing wrong with a nice treat at a fancy     restaurant one night and a tourist trap another day!  Vacations are for fun.
I bring along some things  just in case too!

4.  Do you bring along paperbacks to read or will you be too busy?
      I will buy them there if I find I have time for reading on the beach,etc.  But I usually like to get around a lot on vacations. I want to see everything I can and experience the place.

5. Do you bring home souvenirs? 
Yes .And little gifts for the family/friends.

 6. Will you fly? Take the train?  Drive?
      I would drive to Nantucket. Not that far after all and the drive would be as nice as the   vacation.  I love car trips!

7. Do you take in the night life or turn in early?
     Night life, thank you.   
Not clubs etc. but I do like to have a late dessert and coffee at a local place while on vacation.  I  enjoy a walk  in town after the sunsets as well.  Nice to stop for pizza or ice cream, smell the evening breeze,etc.

8. Up and at em early or are you sleeping in?
    Not too early. It is a vacation after all.

9. Big breakfast?
     Oh yes. Bring on the waffles and french toast. Heavy on the real maple syrup please.
Yes, I would love fried potatoes.  Mushrooms and tomatoes fried also please.
A cup of cream flavored with coffee would be nice too! ;)

As always,let us know in comments if you join in so we can visit and read your answers.
Nosey curious bloggers want to know!


  1. Great meme! I'll do mine later. I've never been to Nantucket but I was at Martha's Vineyard once. I too love the ocean. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Annie! Great meme and answers! I love reading here at your blog. I nominated you for a meme/award on my my blog today! Enjoy your Friday. HUGS

  3. Hi Annie! I 'love' this meme! I will do mine tomorrow (Saturday). We've been to Santa Barbara a couple of times, & fell in love with it! It's beautiful.

    I think you would enjoy my Think Back Thursday post from this week. It always makes me smile when I look back over the photos, & I think it might make you smile too. :) Have a joyous weekend Annie! Hugs

  4. Hi Annie, I grabbed your Meme and mentioned you in a post at my blog, Come and see! Hugs

  5. Hi Annie. Loved your vacation meme. Always enjoy doing yours. Mine was posted yesterday. Happy Saturday! Hugz!

  6. Hi Annie, I love this one and I'll be posting it for Monday. Nantucket is a beautiful place to vacation. Love the rental cottage photo. Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs

  7. Great answers, Annie! :) I would choose Nantucket too, coz Zeno and I have been many times to Cape Cod (for his work) and we both {heart} Massachusetts, BUT I didn't make it to Nantucket coz I was sick when Zeno and his co-workers went there. :( We never go to sleep early while on vacation (or at home), and Zeno always wants to get up at 6 AM to have the whole day ahead of us. *ouch* Wow, your cottage must be just AWESOME! :D


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