October 7, 2014

Tuesday Four

Joining in for Toni's Tuesday meme. Interior Designer's Choice
Beyond the Garden Gate by Thomas Kinkade

 1. My home would be in the style of?

  I think I would like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting.

 2. My kind of furniture style is?
Warm and cozy, but it has to go with my baby grand piano.

Leslie Newpher interiors

 3. My floors would be covered with?

 Wide planked hardwood.

 4. My landscaping would look like?

My own garden now.


  1. I like your answers, Annie, I'd like a house out of one of Thomas Kinkade paintings too! :)

  2. Beyond The Garden Gate is one of my favorite Thomas Kinkaid paintings. You and I have a lot of the same tastes Annie :) I love your garden. Have a lovely day ahead my friend.

  3. I do like your taste in homes. Very much like mine. I picture an English cottage near a stream and of course, wood floors. I'd have to have an English garden with roses, lilacs and a bunch of colorful flowers as well as a pond.

  4. I do like your style, Annie! :)


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