November 3, 2014

101 Cuties

My daughter's company held  a day of fancy dress and she and the ladies who work with her dressed up as characters from 101 Dalmatians.

My daughter is Cruella De Vil  complete with bathrobe fur coat and cigarette holder. The rest of the girls are the puppies.   Aren't they darling?

The costume idea came from one of the girls but I am not sure which one.
Update: The girl with the great idea was Meaghan, bottom row on the right. Cute puppy isn't she?

Though I have never met them my daughter raves about how wonderful and talented they are.
They are just adorable girls as you can see.


  1. Hello Annie,

    I met you through Melanie's blog, Joy in the Journey. I noticed that you commented you have fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis. I have fibro, as well, and I have a cousin who has the spinal stenosis. He suffers greatly with pain, so I know your days are painful ones. I just wanted to say hello. You have a lovely blog. Love the 101 Dalmatian dress up theme! SO cute!

  2. They're tuly so sweet ( and your girl is so very beautiful <3 ) !
    Thank you, have a lovely day darling !!!
    With love

  3. Such a cute idea! They all look adorable! Have a lovely day.

  4. Hi Annie! Had such fun catching up here this afternoon. What a neat idea on the Dalmatians! Really cute!

    I think I'll check out the audio book you recommend. Do you know, I've never even read the book? I've always wanted to, & now you've given me a better idea - to listen to it.

    I laughed out loud on your Jersey girl writing! So very funny. Only you can tell me, is it true??? :) Have a lovely evening Annie. Hugs!

  5. Hi Annie, what a cute idea! Some people are so creative! We had some really creative people at our church to. One turned their truck into a covered wagon. Another made their truck look like a pirate ship and wore costumes to match. Have a great week.Hugs


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