November 10, 2014

Radio Daze

My Friday post was lost somewhere in the blog o'sphere never to be seen again! I will try re-posting it and I hope you will take part.

1. Do you listen to the radio?
I absolutely do.  I share radio here too up above on the bar which takes you to mystery radio.  I  really enjoy old time radio
programs, especially the mystery and detective shows.

2.  Do you listen in the house or in the car?

     In my home and on computer. But I have an old fashioned radio I love to use! But I like quiet in the car as I don't  think I need to be entertained 24/7.  I like the sounds of the outdoors more than radio.

3. What kind of channels interest you if you do listen?

     Online I am a big fan of OTR( Old Time Radio).   At home I used to listen to CBS Mystery Theater with E.G.   Marshall.
On my radio I like to hear talk radio.   I enjoy Curtis and Kuby on WABC because it is a balanced view. I also like hearing G The John Batchelor show at night.

4. Do you turn on TV or radio first thing in the morning?

  Sometimes. Mostly I read the news online first thing. I read news from the US and European and Asian sources.

OTR: The Whistler Episode


  1. Happy Tuesday, Annie. Hubby turns on the radio first thing in the morning, he lives a bit of music with his breakfast. Enjoy your day. :)

  2. Hi, Annie. I very, very seldom listen to the radio. Not sure why. The TV doesn't go on until afternoon at the very earliest. I need quiet as I wake up in the morning! In the car, it's usually CDs. Have a blessed day.

  3. Hi Annie; Sad to say I don't even own a radio anymore. At one time I couldn't live without it. But now with TV having "radio" music stations I listen to one station called "Easy Listening" and in December I'll listen to the "Holiday Music" station. No commercials or talking :) Have a lovely day ahead my friend.

  4. Hi dear Annie, I love old radios like that in your picture !
    You have to know that Hubby is a collector of them and is also able to repair even the oldest ones ... beside my desk, here, in the greenhouse where I have my pc, a big old radio that I've inherited from Granpa is sounding ... it's of the '40s !
    Have a joy-filled continuation of the week, dearie
    With love

  5. I've forgotten to say that your new header is so lovely and romantic ... absolutely charming, BRAVA !!!

  6. Hi Annie. I'll be doing your meme tomorrow. TV goes on first thing every morning for me. Didn't used to be that way but all changed for me on 9/11. Didn't have TV on and didn't know what had happened at the Twin Towers until I took Dahli to the groomer. Never again. TV on first thing. Happy day! Hugz!


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