November 5, 2014

Tuesday on Wednesday

November brings on gales and nor'easters that shake the trees.
side yard
I can see the leave falling like rain outside the windows.

I am also joining in Toni's Tuesday Meme. Here are my answers:

 A Delight for The 4 Senses

  1.   I love the taste of…?
 After thinking this one over a bit, I realized that drinks are what I love the taste of most when I am really thirsty. Like iced tea or cold coca cola on a hot day or iced water or a cup of good hot tea or coffee.

2.   I love the sight of…?   the great outdoors

3.   I love the feel of…?   the breeze and clean linens. Soft sweatshirts.

4.   I love the smell of…?  Summer, Spring,  Winter and Autumn days or the wind off the ocean. Each season has a scent all its own and I can find something wonderful about all of them.

Thanks for another great meme Toni.

My meme will appear Friday. I should settle on a regular day too.  I am just too flighty latley I guess and that needs to stop.

Today is National TV Commercial Day .
To celebrate here are some of the best of the old commercials.
Do they bring back a lot of memories?


  1. My goodness Annie, I love all the things you do! The pic of your daughter and her co-workers is just adorable! What a great idea!

  2. Hi Annie; It seems like the Fall went by so fast. 3/4's of our trees here are just about bare. Thanks for joining in on the meme. I enjoyed your answers. The old TV commercials brought back a couple that used to be my favorites, like the Hawaiian Punch and the pollution one with the Indian and the tear on his face. Thanks for th memories. :) Looking forward to your meme. Hugs

  3. I really enjoyed that commercial compilation! Morris was the original Grumpy Cat. Brings back such memories! It's funny how after all those years, I still remember the words to the jingles! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. The great outdoors... what's not to love?! :) You're right, each season has something magical about it. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. The commercial clip brought back so many memories! I always liked Morris the cat! I thi k we may get an early taste of winter this week--stay warm and cozy!


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