December 16, 2014

London Trip

My daughter has been reporting in from London each day to let me know what she is up to after work.

Today was a trip to Harrods to see the store and sights and to buy some meat pies .

She's also been to the Tower, is enjoying London and really likes her new company.

She avoided a bad case of jet lag by traveling overnight and sleeping the entire way.
 The trip was to meet her boss and she will be home by the end of the week.
She will be traveling to Oslo, Norway for the job in a few months as well.


  1. Hi Annie, I think it is such a wonderful experience to be able to travel with a job. How exciting for her.
    Have you been to London?

  2. Sounds like your daughter has an amazing job to be able to travel like that. Both London and Norway are on our bucket list. Hope you're enjoying your week!

  3. How exciting for your daughter to be in London. I would hate one of my "babies" being so far away but wonderful for her to be able to travel like this!

  4. How exciting to have a job that lets you travel like that! Just to see places you've only read about! Thanks for letting us share her travels with you.

  5. So glad your daughter was able to be a tourist too while traveling for her job. :) Zeno does travel a lot for work, but he never gets to see a thing. Beautiful photos! Hope you are having a lovely Holiday Season. xo


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