January 27, 2015

Back and Back in Time

I was fighting off the flu. I never got it fully but it left me super tired. I seem fine now, but then my computer decided to go wonky and needed work. After a lot of fooling around it seems to be working right now, we will see how things go.
I am sorry for my absence and missed visiting around very much.

I found this old supermarket advertisement and enjoyed seeing the prices so much.
I also found a wonderful home for sale in my home town  just around the corner down the block from our old house  and   if I could buy it just for the wonderful 1950's tiled bathroom I would.
 I really like older  kitchens and bathrooms.

Just look at these prices from 1961.
Everything today is inflated badly.
You can enlarge the picture to see it better.

The entry of the house below is exactly like my parents house and our home was just around the corner from this one which I found up for sale!
 I would be living in my parents home now but was forced to sell it.   A very sad time for me. I would love to be there again.

The hallway next to the stairway leads to the kitchen and this photo is taken from the living room.
Our living room and dining room were almost exact except that we had french doors to the porch on the front wall. My Mother thought they took up too much wall space. The room is not large but the ceilings were high.
These homes had porches on the front and ours was enclosed in glass.
My father ran glass shelving around the windows for my mother's African violets and etc. It looked so nice.
These are not big homes  but they are Victorian and very charming.  They are long and skinny. 
My parents paid $5,000 for their version of this house.  In those days you could save up and pay cash for homes.
This photo makes me nostalgic for home as it is exactly the same except for the door.

Only thing I would change is the vanity and sink.  Its too new looking. I would prefer the original.  These bathrooms were fit in wherever they could find space since the homes were built before indoor plumbing caught on.
In our house the bathroom was half this size!
 The kitchens were itty bitty but had a little butler's pantry and a summer kitchen off the back of the house.

I will be around to visit shortly.


  1. Hi Annie. Wow! those prices are incredible. Makes you wonder if was really possible. Love the pictures of the home like the one your parents had. I'm sure that brings back memories. Glad you're better after the flu! Hugz!

  2. Hi Annie! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that you've been sick and having computer problems. :( Glad that you're better now! Those grocery store prices look pretty fantastic to me! You're right, inflation is ridiculous. It's hard to survive on limited income today. That house is so beautiful, I could easily live in a home like that. I love how they modernized the bathroom while keeping the 50's appeal. I'm so glad that you visited me on my 365 blog. I've been having such a hard time blogging lately but I find it really easy to do the picture a day blog. Have a beautiful Wednesday! Hugs

  3. That's the kind of architecture I do love above all, and of course I do agree with you, the forniture and every finishes should be in the same style .. I wonder what a gorgeous home your parents one is, of course you become nostalgic !
    Happy to read that you're feeling better I wish you a great continuation of the week
    With much love


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