January 8, 2015


I have been fighting off a sore throat that was making me very sleepy and weak.
I think because I am building up my spine I am already working overtime physically and added things just wipe me out so much. Echineacea and vitamin C kept it from taking hold and I seem to be getting better.
Sorry for absence I just had no energy to spare.

It is 9° F outside with a wind chill below 0°F (that is -18C). My heat is turned way up and it is still very chilly inside.
The bay is frozen and the ponds are frozen.

Perhaps this heartwarming video will warm your heart as it did mine.   It is wonderful! I am so proud of these boys.


  1. Hi Annie; I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I pray you feel better soon my friend. Right now here it's 7 degrees with a windchill factor of -25. No way will I leave my apartment to go out. Enjoyed the video. Take care and get well my friend. Hugs

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Very cold here too. I'm still trying to get over the fall I took and staying indoors with all this cold. Hugs

  3. I'm glad you haven't gotten any sicker. So cold! We are feeling it here in Florida as well but just not to that extent! Get better.

  4. Hi Annie. It's cold here too! that makes me a very unhappy camper even tho I'm not camping! hehe! Glad you felt well enough to post! Happy w/e.

  5. My dear Annie, thank you for this post !
    I'm so very proud of these children, in these days during which we're overhelmed by very bad news, such things and gesture of love warm our heart, sincerely .. And I'm proud because they're Italian too :))))
    About your health let me hope that in meantime you've recovered and you're feeling well now, I hug you with much love

  6. I am sitting here with tears, in the face of such innocence and goodness .
    " Of course ," they think ," one cannot hurt another " . It is so easy for them to see and appreciate beauty, for them to be gentle , to stand up against aggression against women (even when so directed by an adult !) and even to be respectful about touching her .
    How far , from what was a generally accepted mode of behavior , has the world fallen !


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