January 18, 2015

Winter, a Blast from the Past

All of a sudden winter has come to the tiny town by the bay.
No fishing boats went out today because it is too windy and the bay is frozen in spots.

All night long the wind howled like a freight train through the forest.
Snow came down like a wet, heavy blanket covering the sandy little village on the bay.

Even the birds which frequent the feeder are bundled up today.
There is  a regular group who come. 
 I call them "the minyan" since they congregate three times a day to sing and eat, morning, afternoon and evening.
They never miss a day, summer, winter, spring or fall. Chickadees,  Cardinals, all of the winter birds were out  this morning braving the stiff winds and deep snow on their bushes and chalet feeder.
The little stray cat , who lives under the house and has adopted the dog as her very own came to the door seeking refuge and I let her into the laundry room to warm up for a while..since the other two won't hear of her entering their domain. But its warm under the house and she also has a nest in the wood pile under an old pond shell complete with bedding so she will do okay til I find her a family to take her in.

The great thing about today is that the sun is sparkling like mad on the snow and water sending rays down that explode back up like dazzling diamond ! 
Every color of the spectrum skips over the surface  delighting the eye. 

Another gift, another day.

(this post first appeared on another blog I had a long time ago)


  1. What a wonderful, poetic and romantic painting of your bay you've painted in words, my dearest Annie, your sensitiveness is so touchable in everything you post !
    Be blessed x

  2. Nothing on the ground in our area of OH this morning. Then it started snowing like crazy, big beautiful flakes. We accumulated a covering real quick. Lasted for about two hours and then all melted away. So strange.

  3. Hi Annie; Dropped in to see if all is well with you and yours. This winter has been as frigid and cold as last winter. Two of the worst in a long time. I think it's wonderful how you have taken care of the stray cat and hope you find a family for her soon. I love your beautiful headers my friend. Have a blessed day ahead.

  4. Hi Annie, dropped in to give you my new url: http://tonistownnotes.blogspot.com
    Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a great weekend my friend.


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