February 1, 2015

Au Revoir,
Miss Marple

Geraldine McEwan has passed away, and it is
a loss for Miss Marple fans though she had retired some time ago.
I think that for Agatha Christie fans Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot,etc.  are more than just characters in a book, they are representative of a different time and way of life.
Her son Greg and daughter Claudia said in a statement: "Following a stroke at the end of October and a period in hospital, Geraldine McEwan passed away peacefully on January 30.
"Her family would like to thank the staff at Charing Cross Hospital who cared for her incredibly well."
Actors she worked with during her career included Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Williams.
She was born in Old Windsor, Berkshire, and married Hugh Cruttwell, a former principal of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1953. The couple had a son Greg and daughter Claudia, and she did not re-marry after Mr Cruttwell's death in 2002.
As well as starring as the spinster detective Miss Marple in 12 television episodes for ITV, she also appeared in box-office hits such as Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves in 1991, which saw her play evil witch Mortianna alongside Kevin Costner.
The actress, who was born Geraldine McKeown, also won awards for her theatre work, collecting two Evening Standard Best Actress Awards: in 1983 for The Rivals and in 1995 for The Way Of The World.

Margaret Rutherford, Helen Hayes, Angela Lansbury, Joan Hickson, and Julia McKenzie all were Miss Marple.
Only Julia McKenzie, 70 and Angela Lansbury, 89 remain.
Who else could fill Miss Marple's sensible walking shoes and floppy hat? Can you think of anyone?

It seems like the passing of a better age.


  1. I cried when I saw Geraldine McEwan had passed away. She was many of the late great that played Miss Marple. My favorite was always Joan Hickson. I can't think of another actress today who can pull it off except for Julia McKenzie right now. It definitely the passing of age. Thanks for sharing Annie. Hugs

  2. Hi Annie, I do not know her character. I think I will be sad when Olivia De Havilland passes. She played Melanie in Gone With the Wind. I like your new decor. Been watching the news regarding the snow storms. We were near 80 today!

  3. ...sad , indeed . So many from that generation have passed . They were a different breed from today's folks...different character .
    Your header is wonderful ! I do like your artwork !
    ...hoping this finds you warm and well , my friend

  4. Our world lost another one of it's brightest stars. Perhaps she shines in the heavens now! Stay safe and warm! Hugz!

  5. It's always sad when an actor or an actress at the image of which we've linked a character passes away, it's like loosing a good friend, especially if we talk about the characters invented by Agatha Christie whom I do admire so much, thank you for having remembered this Miss Marple in such a lovely way !
    Sending much love ❤

  6. So sad. I really do not watch those shows, but I know Toni does and I was sad to hear of her passing.

  7. Sad, indeed. My favorite Miss Marple is Margaret Rutherford (I love Angela Lansbury but I've never seen her as Miss Marple). What is yours?
    A big hug!

  8. So sad to lose another Miss Marple. I'm such a stick in the mud but I've only seen Joan Hickson's portrayal (and one bit with Margaret Rutherford) but I understood that Ms McEwan was very good in the role. I wonder who could fill those shoes. I think that Hercule Poirot is officially retired without David Suchet and I think that Miss Marple is close behind.


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