February 17, 2015

Tuesday Freeze

The bay is frozen over with sub zero temperatures and we have snow all around and still coming down intermittently.
Hard to believe that spring is not far off but it is like this every year when the worst of the winter weather occurs from  January  until early March.
My daughter just returned from a week in Oslo where she was representing her boss at a series of company meetings at their corporate headquarters.
Long flight, but Norway was far warmer than here so she was enjoying the tropical heatwave in Oslo!
The flight to Oslo goes over Greenland and just off the coast of Iceland too.

Tonight is Pretty Little Liars with my girls. I am looking forward to it.


  1. What a great trip for your daughter...hard to believe it was warmer in Oslo!

  2. It is amazing that Oslo is warmer than you are! Stay warm and safe. Winter is pretty. I remember it all as a child but the cold is just too much for my old bones now. Florida winters sure aren't balmy though. We expect 21 degree wind chill Wed and Thurs nights. Stay warm.

  3. I don't mind spring weather, but last week when we were at Disneyland, it was 90! It was back to normal today at 72 with talk of rain. I did get too see it snow at Disneyland. :)
    I like your changed in here. Looks so pretty and like a country blog. Of course the header is beautiful!

  4. Hi Annie; I am so looking forward to warmer weather and no more snow. It can't come soon enough for me. Today the temp was -6.6 this morning and it might reach the teens later. I can't get over the fact that Oslo is warmer than us. :) Have a lovely rest of the week my friend.

  5. My dearest Annie,
    it's always such a joy to hear about you !
    Well our European Winter has been quite mild, I think more or less everywhere, but it's not a good thing, plants and fruit trees need cold and temperatures below 0° to grow healthy and hardy, you know it ....
    Just think that yours is a true and healthful winter, I envy your frozen bay :)
    Sending much love, sweetie

  6. What a lovely winter pic, Annie! As Daniela said, winter here has been mild. Zeno will go to Chicago next week, and I am not sure how he'll like the freezing cold, LOL!
    Stay warm and cozy, and thank you. I am fine, but still so worried about my mom's health. xo


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