March 27, 2015

Speaking English

I love language.
I enjoy hearing accents and learning how other people speak and pronounce words.
 Years ago the educational channel did a series on the history of English. And did you know that Shakespeare's English is still spoken in the USA and very much so in some places like Tangier Island?
Yes, they say Hoy Toyd for high tide!
We also still use words long ago dropped in Britain like "platter". Platter is still very much in use in American speech.

 How do you say these words? Here is my list and my way of saying them:

 blackguard: I say Blagard
 waistcoat: I say weskit
 boatswain: I say bozun
 gunwales I say gunnels
 forecastle: I say folksul
 clapboard: I say clabord
 victual: vittles
 forehead: I say four-head
 Worchestershire: woostashur

 And here is the video of English as spoken in Shakespeare's day and by many in the 1600's early colonial America.

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  1. Hi Annie, I remember that series. I got the book too when I was going to college. Language is so interesting. Did you ever see the movie called Still Alice? The lady who got the early onset Alzheimers was a linguist professor. I never heard some the words you listed. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs

  2. My dear Annie,
    you know I love English so much and to read such words sounds so interesting to me, thank you, sweet friend, and forgive my delay !
    Have a blessed day

  3. Annie I have a distinct Brooklyn ,NY accent. At least everyone here in Colorado tells me that. Sigh. I am a little tired of everyone pointing it out to me--lol--and I doubt at my age if I'll ever lose it for Midwestern speech.


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