May 14, 2015

Blankets & Beavers

A little while ago I made this full size bed afghan for the Famous Anonymous.
I had begun one all in pink for her little sister but never got it finished because I had to get surgery on my spine.
I have still not been working on it.
 So, I gave the little another one that I had made in two complimentary shades of pink in the same style as this one, long ago.
I had wanted to finish the newer one and give it to her, but the one she got (which was not new) is now too loved to be set aside and gets used every night.

The famous anonymous kid also uses hers every single night  as well as one I had made for her when she was a brand new baby.
 Isn't it great to see the things you make appreciated?

I had a run in with Mr. Beaver this morning.
I open the sliding glass doors in the kitchen to let the cat (21 years old this year) sit in the sun and get fresh air.
Suddenly Mr. Beaver came ambling across the outside step, not noticing us at all.
Now, Mr. Beaver is not a beaver at all but a ground hog who lives under the back shed. He was named Mr. Beaver by my daughter who had a chance encounter with him when she was in the 7th grade.
She attended a religious school and got home a bit later than the other kids in the neighborhood. She would come in the back door.
One day she ran into Mr. Beaver(probably an ancestor of this one) who was eating left over Ziti from the garbage can. 
His face was covered in tomato sauce. He screamed...she screamed, they ran in different directions and he ended up being called Mr. Beaver.
"A huge beaver just tried to attack me . He was eating Ziti!"
At one point there were babies and they would romp in the cute and cuddly looking.
This morning was the first time I have seen him/her in a while.


  1. It sure is great, and everyone would love a bed afghan as beautiful as this one made by you! :))

    1. Ops, wrong emoticons :-O .... h-(

    2. Oh my.... never mind, have a fab Friday and weekend ahead! :-f

    3. d-) Thanks, Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. Mr Beaver likes Italian? How funny. The blanket is gorgeous! It is so heartwarming to make things and have those appreciate them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. What a lovely post, my sweet Annie !
    Your blanket looks so warm and cozy and Mr Beaver ... so lovely :) !
    Have a wonderful weekend, dearie 💕
    With much love

  4. Have a wonderful Tuesday, Annie. :)

  5. Hi Annoe! Your blanket is just gorgeous! I love anything homemade, so much love goes into all the work! Have a great day!


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