May 21, 2015

It's Raining at the Bay

Rain, but no thunder storm.

I have missed the sound of thunder approaching from the distance.  It makes only rare appearances in winter.
It comes rolling along the sky like a bowling ball.

The bay puts on a gray face when it rains reflecting the color of the sky and clouds creating a sad, somber look.
Inside Garfield and I are warm and cozy , he in his fluffy comforter bed and I at my computer sipping creamy coffee.
All you can hear is the steady drumming of rain on water and the chimes that sing in the light breeze.
I bought some handmade chimes for 'a song' at Home Goods.
How sweet the sound.
There are sounds I so enjoy like chimes, gulls, waves, breezes through the trees, rolling distant thunder... lovely.

Are there sounds you like to hear? 


  1. Hi Annie, I love the sound of wind chimes. I usually get them from the places I visit. We took a lot of them down when we got the house ready for sale. I will put them up when we get to our next home. You are blessed to live by the bay. We have to drive about 30 miles to get to the beach. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs

  2. You just described my favorite sounds! I love the sound of waves coming in and chimes tinkling in a breeze. You are Garfield are very blessed!

  3. Ciao Annie! Oh yes, I love to hear seagulls screaming, splashing waves, the breeze through the trees, rolling distant thunders... living by the bay sure is a blessing. Hope you and Garfield had a lovely Monday. :)


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