August 17, 2015

Out and About in NJ

Today is a scorcher and the first one of the summer.
 It is in the 94 °F and the sun is blazing hot. Humidity isn't too bad at all really, however.
This heat won't last long, summer ends on September 23rd and autumn will be officially here.
I learned that there is a difference between fall and autumn. While autumn refers to the entire season, fall is when leaves are falling. Makes sense.

The girls and I watched the season finale for Pretty Little Liars..ugh, 6 years for a nonsense big reveal nothing episode!  I hope the rest of the 6th season, which begins in January is a lot better than this.

photo via ocean realty co.
 This is not an ad, just my love for my state which gets very undeserved and bad rep all too often. 
If you have time and are looking for a trip it isn't too late to visit the Jersey shore, and no, it is not like the TV show in any way, shape or form!
You could come to Cape May or Wildwood Crest for a nice family vacation or just a weekend and enjoy our beautiful Victorian homes.
Frankly , after Sandy we need the come on over and stay a bit.!
Cape May is one of my all time favorite places.
Queen Victoria

The town is completely  filled with these bed and breakfast homes and one is more beautiful than the other.
President Lincoln loved coming to Cape May for vacations and Captain Kidd buried treasure on the beach!
The president stayed at the Southern Mansion House l
Mansion House

There are horse drawn carriages, gas lamp lit steets and it is just as gorgeous in winter as it is in Summer.

New Jersey beaches are voted some of the cleanest and best in the world.  Cape May was voted one the world's top 10 beaches!  Woo Hoo.

Angel by the Sea Bed and Breakfast

Wildwood Crest
The Southern Mansion

I have been lax in posting because I think I have nothing to say sometimes.  But I can brag about my state a little because people have an entirely wrong idea about it. Urban areas are sparse here and we are mostly ocean, forests and farm land.
I'll try to be better in posting.  Maybe I see myself short.
The photos are from online as all my photos are in a box and I no longer have a scanner. I think they are all okay to post but if not let me know and I will correct things.


  1. My darling Annie,
    what a lovely post, these mansion which today are B&B are truly wonderful so very Victorian !
    Here almost every days since the beginning of June have been so hot, too much, and, after a few thunderstorms, we're finally breathing and enjoying the true summer.

    Let's hope tempretures get cooler very soon for you, my sweet friend,
    sending dear love

  2. Such a lovely place! I love to see Victorian homes. Your are just sounds lovely. If I were closer, I'd love to come and visit.

    1. Melanie, where have you gone?????

  3. WOW!!! It is so gorgeous there. We rarely get to take a family vacation, but who knows. I will keep it in mind.
    I also feel like I never have anything to say at my blog, but I love hearing how my friends are doing and what they are up to. It was great to "read" you. Have a nice week.

  4. Hi Annie. Please forgive me for neglecting to visit for such a long time. Me bad! Anyway! where's Melanie. She's the one who hung in there and made me think there was hope. I'm not sure why I went into dropout phase but I did.

    Love your bragging on your state. Wow! Who knew! I watched some of the restoration from Sandy on This Old House. Love that show! I wanna come and stay in one of those B&B's. Come on Melanie. What do you say? Wanna go with me? Please say 'yes'. Thanks for the fun visit Annie. Hugz!

  5. Hi Annie, thanks for sharing the photos. I would love to visit your state. We had one day that we hit 107. The news set it was the hottest July on record for the country over all. I love fall but it will not be here until the end of Oct. Darylynn posted on FB that she lost another kitty, Kakanit. Stay cool. Hugs

  6. How beautiful and charming, Annie! :)

  7. What a beautiful place to live, Annie. I wish I would have made the trip when I lived on that side of the country.

    And yes, that show didn't do anything for your beautiful state. I never watched it, but I've heard nothing but gross things about it.

    I hope you're having a lovely Sunday, my friend :)


  8. When we lived in NYC we often vacationed in Wildwood Crest! It and Cape May are very pretty and family friendly. I do miss the beach sometimes and hearing the ocean, but I was never one to sun bathe or swim. in the water. NJ has a lot to offer!.


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