August 6, 2015

The Rhythm of Summer...

Summer has its own rhythm, scents, atmosphere.

just behind me . home to  otter, mink and fish
The air is thicker with humidity  and sweet with flowery scents.
It is alive with the sound of birds and buzzing insects.
The cicadas are loud!

On the pond the dragon flies are big enough to need an air strip for landing. They dive bomb sometimes and you must duck to avoid a collision.
The fish  play in the cool mornings and evenings among the plants, nibbling and pulling at them with their tiny teeth. In the late afternoon they will jump and catch a flying bug midair.
The wisteria is about to take over the yard along with the beach roses which are climbing all over the place and probably due for a trim.  The Scotch broom is no slouch either.
On the hotter days the sun has felt good warming the growing bone in my back as I sit on the back porch and that is a real bonus of summer.
Today I got to witness Mr. Garden Snake slither through the roses on his way to his wood pile. He was disappointed...the fish are too big for him!
cheer practice for The Little
Chipmunks were scrambling out of his way though he is really just a little guy and they out run him easily.
He has his own worries as we have so many big owls, marsh hawks and eagles in the area.  
Mr.Beaver aka the groundhog has been keeping a low profile during the hot days of August. The last time he came on the patio was just before my dear Garfield passed away.  Now, my dear little friend rests beneath the cedars in the back with the rest of his family who went on before.

In the front bunches of Black eyed Susans are multiplying much to my great delight and the miniature roses are beginning to bloom on the porch railing planters. Yellow, Red and lavender.
Famous Anonymous Kid
I have colleas and begonias to plant in another railing planter too.
My girls and I are keeping up with Pretty Little Liars and make a special dinner and dessert on Tuesday nights so we can watch.  What fun we are having.

Old time radio is still on a lot during the day.    I love it. 

For the  young'uns  there is lacrosse practice in the early hours as  the famous anonymous
wants to play varsity now that she has entered high school.
And The Little  is cheer leading for the young teams during the week and playing 'baseball' on a little team of 6 and 7 year olds.
She looks like me and it is disconcerting how much.
Most days are spent in the water and both swim very well.

How are you spending your days?


  1. I love your descriptions, Annie! The wysteria and beach roses must be lovely! I do miss norhtern vegetation. Here in my sandy soil, I can't seem to grow much of anything. The "famous anonymous" is already in high school? The litttle cheer leader looks like she's having a good time. Have a blessed day.

  2. I also have very sandy soil, but things will grow if you water them very very well at first and encourage the roots to get down to the water table.
    Yes, she is a freshman. Too soon! She was a baby last week.

  3. What a wonderful and poetic painting you've depicted with words, my darling Annie, so relaxing to read !
    Thank you for the sweetness you always share, my blessed friend ... kiss your granddaughter for me, she's so very nice :)

    Have a joyous weekend ahead

  4. You are extremely fortunate to live amongst nature's serenity.
    Thank you for sharing it's incredible beauty..
    Your blog is an inspiration.

  5. Hi Annie, I enjoyed your post today. I don't remember ever seeing a picture of you. Glad you are enjoying your summer. Must be so nice to enjoy your cottage surroundings. I am a city girl so I don't see a lot. I am leaving with my son at the moment and the back way to the freeway still has cows and fields of corn. This area was once dairyland. Now there are new houses going up everywhere! Thanks for visiting me. Hugs

    1. My pic is on my profile and under the " About" on the right column. Its my fav picture because the famous anonymous kid took it about 4 years ago.

  6. There you are painting that pretty picture again with your words. I've missed you so...

    Your cheerleader is a doll :)


    1. aww, thank you so much. I missed your posts quite a bit and looked for you to come back to blogland! Glad you did.

  7. I have missed being here. This summer has had me at weddings, graduations. Over night house guests, illness, lots of yard work. I am going to try and keep in touch more and do more blogging of my own. Love how well you display and do your blogs.

  8. Annie: Your bog content just GRABS ONTO ME AND HOLDS ME- maybe I need to take my lap top out in the morning with my first cup of coffee in the backyard swing and just sit and read for about an hour non stop. I sense already that your writing can inspire and motivate be continued

  9. Reposting comment in case it didn't take...

    Hi Annie! Typing with one hand so a quick comment.... love your poetic descriptions of your corner of the world. Are there any plans for a new kitty or puppy in your life? You are such a good pet parent that I hope so. Wishing you a lovely August! (((Hugz)))


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