September 9, 2015

10 Year Blog Anniversary.

My blog was 10 years old on August 31st.
I have a few blogs but this is the one that I began with in 2005.  The name changed but this is the site.
I continued on in another blog with political and environmental issues but this is my blog, the one I love.
This is a post from the first 2 years.  It was inspired by some music and things going on in my life at the time.

I asked her how she was doing.
She smiled at me and said, "fine, just fine. How about you?"
Oh, that smile.
I smiled back. "Yeah, umm, (that smile always took my breath away) I am doing ok, I guess."
And still she smiled at me.
We walked on a little ways. 
It was cool outside. The sky was that robin's egg blue and hosting a sun   showing off for all it was worth.
I couldn't imagine a nicer day to walk with her.
"So , anything interesting going on?" I asked.
 ...And then she said.. "Well, I am falling in love with you."


  1. Hi Annie!! Happy Blog Anniversary!! I do not pay any attention to mine, but I went back and the one I currently have is 5 years old. I had one before this one at my own domain...decided to move it. I am not sure how long ago that was. I wish I had all of the posts. It is fun to go back and read them and see who all was blogging back then.
    That is a neat story you posted and the picture looks so peaceful.
    Well, I hope you have a great week!!!

  2. Happy anniversary :)


  3. Hi Annie, my blog turned 13 in July and I had my website about 3 years before that. We use to have guestbooks.
    It has been so hot over here but we had a big rainstorm yesterday from a storm that came up from baja. We need the rain, but not the humidity! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Annie, Happy Anniversary just a few days late! Nothing better than a trip down MEMORY LANE. Hugz!

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary, my darling and sweetest Annie, ten years are quite a lot, and your blog is always so interesting and exciting !
    This first post of yours is so charming, it expresses all the romanticism and the kindness of your heart, I'm so glad to have met you, so fortunate to have you among my blog-friends !

    Be blessed

  6. what a neat idea anne to post your first blog post ever! it's so pretty and so sweet. Have a great day! Hugs


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