October 26, 2015

By the Pond...

The falls on the big pond on a cool, quiet autumn day.


  1. Such a peaceful, serene place! There is something about a waterfall that to me is so relaxing! Enjoy your day.

  2. Hi Annie, is the fishpond in your back yard? It must be nice to sit outside and enjoy the sounds of the little falls. Our new home has lots of crickets which I am not use too. Hope you are doing okay, I know you still have pain in your back. Hugs

    1. Hi Susan,
      There is a large pond in the back and a small one in the front.
      We also have lots of crickets. They are going silent now cuz of fall but they are loud all summer long!
      Always have some pain but some days better than ever. I can always tell when people are praying for me though !

  3. There is such a peace in this image, the water, with its sound and its light is able to cheer up my soul as nothing else ... as you know we live with a river by one side of Tenuta Geremia and its sound is the sound of silence, to me, of peace and of serenity; by on other side we've also a little stream filled with water from the Autumn to the Summer, then the hot temperatures dry it ... well, its course is plenty of waterfalls and when there's the waters inside it I might stay so many hours sat on our little wooden bridge watching the water flowing under my feet !

    Thank you my darling and amiable Annie, this photo of yours has gifted me a so relaxing moment, thank you with all my heart.
    Have a wonderful remainder of your week


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