October 1, 2015

Health Issues and Braids

I am sorry I have dropped off the face of the earth, but two weeks ago my heart went out on me. Too much stress and pain for too long I guess. I developed atrial fibrillation and spent a while in the hospital.
Now I am on medications and we will see what happens next.
 I will be around to visit everyone as soon as I possibly can. I miss blogging a lot and miss my blog friends too.
 Another hurricane is on its way.
We are all praying it goes far out to sea and leaves us alone.
The insurance for my roof damage from Sandy just came a month ago and now this?  No no no!
Its blowing and pouring now. Keep the people in the Carolinas and Bahamas in prayer.
The photo is "The Little" with her hair braided. It came out kind of nicely I think.


  1. Hi Annie, I am sorry you are having heart problems. My dad had atrial fib too. Hear issues run in my family on my dads side. I should be on cholesterol medicine, but I hate the way it makes me hurt. I need to have a blood test. Our bodies just fall apart as we age. I just turned 60. I pray you are safe from the hurricane. Hugs

  2. Refuah Shleima, I have you in mind as always

  3. I'm so sorry you had that episode of A-fib. Not fun and I hope the medicine works well to prevent it again. I've been monitoring Hurricane Joaquin and it looks like prayers are answered. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. As I wrote answering on your comment on my Blog I was quite suspicious for your long absence, I knew there was something going wrong and I was going to send you and e-mail, I was worried about you !
    ... another hurricane, oh no, my darling, let's hope it won't do damages !
    Take a period of rest, sweetie, relax yourself as much as you can ... promise !

    Have a beautiful end of the week, my sweet soul
    sending dear love

  5. Hi Annie, I am sorry you are having heart issues. I added you to my prayer list. I am also praying for safety from this storm.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your heart. I do pray everything will be ok now. Take it easy and keep us posted.
    That hurricane is causing lots of problems out there, I hope it goes away soon.
    Your daughter's hair looks adorable!!! I love braids. Have a nice week.


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