October 15, 2015

Seagulls vs Cat

So cute!
Seagulls have a lot of chutzpah(nerve)and they are real food lovers.
This gull takes his chances for a free meal.


  1. Wonderful !!
    The cat seems not to understand what's happening under his eyes ... and the seagull is very clever, isn't he ?

    Thank you darling for making my laugh, have a most beautiful end of the week, sweetie

  2. Hi Annie, I hope you are doing well. Thanks for visiting. I sure hope you don't have a bad winter. Take care of your self. Hugs

  3. What a wonderful gift !
    Thank you for sharing the constant surprises of the animal/bird world !
    That the seagull should be so bold as to sneak the cat's dinner , returning to abscond with the dish and its remains , under the watchful but unconcerned cat's eyes is so funny ! Obviously a well-trained thief !
    The link to the hand-fed hummingbirds was breath-taking - thank you,thank you !
    Be well , my friend !

  4. I love to watch these guys at the beach! No fear at all. Annie, I have started a new blog.
    http://melaniejocook.blogspot.com I'd love for you to come visit! Have a blessed night.

  5. I think that dear seagull was ready to try anything to get that dinner!! LOL So cute. We had a taste of winter here the past few days. It has warmed up to normal temps this afternoon, so I can take advantage of working outside!


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