October 9, 2015

So, You Want to Live by the Ocean?

It ain't all it's cracked up to be my friends.
It is a nice dream and when the ocean is peaceful, it can be heavenly but it can descend into hell quickly.
 Consider this video of the Jersey shore during Joaquin.
Remember, this category 4 hurricane did not hit the New Jersey coast but went way off shore, thank God.
However, just look at the power of the residual effect of an off shore hurricane then think of what it would be like in a direct hit!
Even off shore the storm did damage from erosion and flooding and high winds. I was nearly blown off my feet a couple of times!
Don't be fooled by the small look of those waves. They are well over 15 to 20 feet high! That is not unusual in a little storm. This storm was just getting started.
You will see the dark sand being hauled in to replenish New Jersey beaches and dunes that were devastated by Sandy. Our native sand is a fine white 'sugar' sand not this coarse dark sand. It will return slowly but, this is necessary to defend the coastline from the serious erosion that takes place.
Most in NJ who live on the coast can no longer buy home insurance. This means if you want a lower price, no one will take you on as a client. You have to stay with the company you already have and for new homeowners looking for insurance, no one will take them on!

So, if you want to live by water, consider very carefully.  There are many cons associated with it and in the end it really is only for those who can afford to take a loss and those people are few and far between.

This next video shows what it is like when a big storm is still 1000 miles away! This guys accent is a perfect example of South Jersey almost Delmarva accent (Delaware/Maryland/Virginia) This accent is found in South Jersey, Philadelphia and the Delmarva area.


  1. Oh, Annie! When I saw where Joaquin was originally headed, I prayed so hard for you. Even passing as far away from you as it did, it looks ferocious! Living in Florida, I've thought often how much I would love to live near the beach but it is scenes like this that remind me I'm okay where I'm at. I hope you didn't suffer any damage and that clean up isn't too bad. You certainly are in my prayers.

  2. The ocean has a deep charm, but as you say, the water has its positive and negative aspects, especially the ocean which is subject to hurricanes ... lately it's happening in Italy too, it's incredible, the Mediterranean is a close sea which has always been far too calm, but here to who lives by the coast cannot live serene anymore !

    I hope that you hadn't too many damages to repair, my dearest Annie, hurricanes are so terrible and uncontainable ...

    Sending dear love and hugs to you


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