December 22, 2015

Around the Neighborhood

The winter woods header above is one I drew several years ago and it is a favorite of mine.
I like the warm feeling it gives me when I think of walking through the woods on a snowy day.

Here is a little peek at life around my neighborhood.

You can click on the photo to enlarge it to original size.


  1. What a lovely photo and you captured the moon just perfect! Merry Christmas, my friend

  2. What a gorgeous photograph, my sweetest Annie !
    Thank you for sharing it, my darling friend !

    May your Christmas be filled with Joy, Peace, Love and Familiar Warmth, the most precious Gifts we could ever desire !
    You're a true blessing to me, sweetie, I hug you so strong,

  3. Hi Annie.
    Love the graphic of the woods. Your neighborhood looks beautiful.
    Love the Christmas tree in the harbor. Beautiful site!
    Merry Christmas and wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. Hugz!

  4. HimAnnie! I love your drawing, and the touch of the cardinal is perfect! Noun are so talented! A blessed and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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