January 11, 2016

Books to Re-read

Do you re-read books?
I do. Sometimes three and four times. I have read these many times before but am starting them again and am half way through "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie",
I loved reading about the Romanov family and have read many books about them.
Amy Tan is a great author and I loved "The Joy Luck Club".
"The Titanic Conspiracy" makes a powerful case for her sister ship the Olympic going down instead.  A very interesting book.
 Are you reading anything?  

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  1. I love to read and I very often re-read books several times. The book about the Titanic sounds intriguing. Have a great evening.


  2. Hi sweetie !
    I also love re-reading books, so as I love to watch after some years those films which have enchanted me so much ... I cannot live without reading, more books at once, now I'm reading three different books, one in the afternoon, one after dinner and one which is on my night-table that I read when I go to sleep ... even just a few pages of each, but every day I go on with them all, I'm used to do so since the times of the University and I couldn't do otherwise !

    Have a beautiful day, darling, sweetest Annie, your header and your wallpaper are so charming and suggestive, I love them both so much !

    Sending dear love and sweet hugs to you,


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