January 28, 2016

Dancing in the Rain

I've always loved the rain and stormy days even though now, it causes me a lot of added pain.
Ironic that the things we love can give us the most heartache sometimes.

Long ago I had read of a person with constant pain and wondered how in the world could they go on?
Now I know!
For years the photo I choose to use for my profile was a girl sitting in the rain at a train station waiting.
It was me .
 It even
looked like me!      Why, a while back I even had those shoes! I grew up wearing French berets or Tam O'shanter knit caps in cold weather.
But more, I identified with waiting.
Waiting in the storm.
Waiting to feel just okay,
But that is not going to happen unless God intervenes.
 I was waiting for life to happen.
Life doesn't happen. You just live it the best you can with what you have and who you are.  You make the best of things as they are.

When I saw this quote in the picture below  I knew why I loved the rain and stormy weather: it is a metaphor for my life.
For a long time it was used as a motto on this blog.
 But notice that word "love" in "love rainy weather".  Do you see?
You can love and enjoy and work and do and give even in the stormy times but it takes   wanting to do so.
I am try hard to do that, I don't always succeed but I keep trying.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Annie!! I can certainly understand what you are saying. Have a blessed day.

  2. I love rain and I've always danced while the rain falls down ... as for the metaphoric meaning, I hope I've learnt to enjoy it and to do it in the right way ... anyway, I'm still in time to learn, isn't it :) ?!?
    Sending much love and hugs across the ocean, dearest Annie,
    thinking of you

  3. Beautiful post, Annie and a beautiful quote. I've been that girl too, but no longer. Time changes a lot.

    hugs to you and I hope you're not in too much pain, my sweet friend.


  4. Good Morning !
    Thank you for sharing such heartfelt words of wisdom . We're supposed to gain wisdom on this life journey ,but the roads can be treacherous .You have inquisitive intelligence , very creative talents and a kind heart...riches , indeed ! ...SO glad you are my friend ! Have a comfortable , satisfying day

  5. Hi Annie, I enjoyed what you shared today. I am sorry you have to live with so much pain. I use to have a lot of pain too but is less since I stopped working. I think it is natural to want to fight our circumstance instead of accepting the reality and moving on in spite of it. Have a nice weekend! Hugs


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