January 25, 2016

NIcer Than the Storm

The Famous Anonymous Kid in Rockefeller Center.
Much nicer than the storm and its aftermath outside.
We got around 18 inches I suppose.


My friend gave me this nice bench for my birthday this year. I have yet to get a chance to sit in it or remove the huge bow she put on it!

The front pond is completely covered over with snow and has disappeared.

Inside it is warm and cozy and made warmer by the things we treasure.


  1. Stay warm, darling, take care !!!
    Your Anonymous Kid is so lovely ... to kiss !
    Have a lovely day, my sweetest, precious friend,
    sending dear love and hugs to you

  2. I'm so glad you didn't get too badly with the storm. What a lovely bench. Something to look forward to in the spring, sitting on your bench. Stay warm and cozy inside. Cute Anonymous Kid!

  3. A GWTW magnet? One of my favorite movies.I read the book 7 times in Jr high and High School. Plan to read it one more time, "after all tomorrow is another day." :)

  4. Hi Annie! So happy to hear your survived Jonas. Everyone will be wearing t-shirts with that slogan, I'm sure! God bless! Hugz!


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