February 11, 2016

Bustery Gales

Note: I woke this morning (its now Friday) at 5AM to 10 degree weather and falling. Brrrrr...
Another gale coming in tonight.
Winds are 25 mph and the temp is 26 F or -3C and going down.
Way down.... The surf is still pretty calm but picking up as the winds increase.
The ocean temperature is 43 F or 6.1 C.

The flags are up again today! They haven't really stopped for well over two weeks now. They say March is the windy month and the saying goes, March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. But this year February has come in like a lion! Small craft advisories are the order of the day.
Here are some  views of the Atlantic  taken at 3:30 PM today but not from outside!
It's too darn cold with that wind on the beach today.(click to enlarge photos which are stills from video cam)

the sand is usually "white sugar: but it has been replenished due to "Sandy" with darker sand. It will come back though.

Late lunch break for the gulls


  1. How pretty! I love a stormy sea - from inside, like you said. I thought I was hearing things at first but I hear waves! Very cool. Stay safe.

  2. Nice pictures of the sea. We are having unusually warm weather here almost 90! Send some cool weather back here please. :)

  3. Seeing your photos is actually the closest I've come to seeing the ocean for awhile .
    The sound of the waves is wonderful !You do share the coolest things !
    Stay warm ...


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