February 18, 2016

Connections to the Past

Hey Mom, I am here!
One must always have old memories and young hopes.
--- Chinese saying
Aren't photos that bring friends and family alive once again, or introduce us to those we never met, wonderful?

 I miss Garfield sitting on my desk looking at me and wondering why I was not paying more attention to him!
Garfield passed on last May.
I miss him on my desk and laying down on the Victorian gentleman's chair by my side.  We had 21 great years together.
How is it that animals can be so important to our lives? It is amazing to me how close you can get to these friends.

My grandmother's table  holds family photos from long ago.

Inherited furniture, old family photos, clocks that chime the hours and bring back memories/
 Day in day out the clock keeps chiming the quarters, halves and hours in Westminster, St Michael or Whittington chimes.

Special dinners with family recalled in photos .

All photos enlarge when you click on them.


  1. Thank you for another wonderful post !
    Photos are indeed a special link with the past! Today,our families and friends are far flung .Those photos and phone calls are such a comfort !
    You , my friend , are just such a precious comfort .Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures with all of us !

  2. I do love photos that bring back memories! Such a pretty table setting. I would love to hear your clock chime. Our pets quickly stop being merely animals and they become friends. Not sure what I'd do without Mandy. Garfield looks like he was quite the charmer!

  3. Your Garfield was so wonderful, I remember when he passed away last year and I do remember your dismay and your pain, my darling ... think that you've been so fortunate staying together so much long, it's quite unusual that cats live so many years!
    Sending blessings to you and to your Angel,
    promise, don't be too sad, sweetie !
    I hug you with love

  4. OK Annie. You did it to me this time. Your tear-jerker story has me in tears. sniff sniff! Can't stand to think of not having Dahli. Soon she will celebrate her 15th birthday. Yikes! Where did the time go? Happy Sunday!

  5. Hi Annie, what a wonderful post. Our pets are family, so lots of photos.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. HUGS

  6. Hi Anne, I was just thinking of my Reina. She has been gone 6 years now. I still have her pictures at my website. Now I have grand doxies.
    Your china is pretty. Is it Royal Albert? Thanks for sharing your special things with us. Hugs

  7. I'm so sorry he passed, Annie. It's never easy. I miss all my fur babies, but can't imagine not having them, even though their time with me was short. Same with family and friends... it always seems too early when we lose them, doesn't it?

    By the way, I loved the story of the woman that got down on her knees and cleaned. The message didn't escape me ;)

    hugs to you,


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