February 1, 2016

Memories in the Little Things Around Us

Little things make up our lives.
The little things are what we value a lot if we stop to think about it.

Like a Blue Jay visiting a pan of seeds put out for them.
They are grateful for the fresh water ponds in an area of so much salt water.

The blurry photo is due to my front door window being beveled glass.


Little things like Garfield's  scratching post I can't bear to get rid of. It hasn't been a year since he passed. I put a plant on it. He really enjoyed that post. You can see how he scratched the heck out of it! It looks fluffy from it.
He is missed. This is nice to keep around.

It was bought in Tennessee a long while back.

My mothers Swarovski crystals that my Daddy bought for her at each birthday.
She loved them because they came from him.
There is a hedgehog, a turtle, a mouse, a rabbit, elephant and others.
I think the mouse and hedgehog are my favorites.


Photos of special times you find yourself looking at every single day. Over and over again because the memory is so wonderful.
This photo was taken on a playground . The Famous Anonymous was inside a tunnel about to come down a slide. The tunnel was pink and cast a pink glow on everything.
We had such a wonderful day.


The lazy Susan my uncle made for my mom.
He made me an inlaid game table as well.
He was wonderful with his hands though he was an executive officer for a large corporation.
But he could make so many things from wood and a great gardener as were all my mother's people.
 He comes to mind whenever I see this on my table.

There is so much more that I will save for another time.

Your comments mean a lot. Please let me hear from you.


  1. Thank you for sharing your memories. I love having things around me that remind me each day of special people. Have a lovely day.

  2. Hi Annie. Before my dad passed away, he passed out my mothers Swarovski crystals to his daughters and grand daughters. It brings tears to remember that day because we all knew it would be his last Christmas with us. I just posted pictures but I will have to post her crystals another time. She loved Waterford too! Thanks for sharing your special pictures. Hugs

    1. Would love to see them Susan

  3. What a wonderful post !
    It is,indeed,the little things we cherish.I remember an event years ago where a dear friend rushed from her seat on the other side of the room to comfort me,when the band played a song particularly painful to me.The kindnesses of friends are precious,as well.

  4. Hi Annie! Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures and reminding me of the simple things each day that do mean so much!

  5. So many special memories in the things we love... and yours are beautiful, Annie.

    I have a picture of my Annie coming out of a cardboard box that I cherish like the one of your son in the tunnel. It takes me back every time I look at it.

    hugs to you,

    1. The Famous Anonymous is one of my granddaughters :)
      Photos are so very special and so glad we can have things like that today.


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