February 25, 2016

Photos from the Past

A few years ago a photo of a Mrs. Glanz, a woman who died in the concentration camps during WWII was posted somewhere on the net.
 I don't recall where but I was struck by the fact that often photos of people in black and white lose some of their life.
This young woman,sitting with her little dogs, seemed to cry out for color and life. So I hand painted the color onto the old photo.   Sometimes the darkness hides the truth.
I have shared other photos
I did the same thing to  photos of Lena  the 11 year old girl sitting by a saloon selling her wares to support her family.
 I later heard from the family in fact.
You can see Lena's story here

 Here is the result of the Glanz photo.
 This is the original and I apologize that the information regarding its origins are lost to me now.

And here is the hand colored version.
 It is one of the first I ever did  quite a while ago and it is not very good , I know, but it gives an idea of the lady I think.
This is not done with a graphic program but hand colored so I need to practice a lot more to get it a lot better.


  1. That is stunning, Annie! These photos tell such a story. So many stories behind these people and so sad that she lost her life in a concentration camp. And probably young too. You did a good job with that photo and to think it is hand colored!

  2. What a gorgeous work you've done, my darling, you're truly an artist !
    Thank you for sharing your art !!!

    Have a wonderful day today,
    thinking of you with dear love

  3. How wonderful !
    It is often an "outsider" who is able to see and appreciate the beauty within a person .Another lovely talent of yours !
    Have a marvelous day , mt friend .


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