March 14, 2016

Ahhh, Spring Cometh? Yeah, right....

Gales galore.
Yet another gale with warnings up and small craft advisory flags flying.
I can't recall this many gales in a long time but they have been almost steady since the end of January.
The surf is high and angry today and it is raining steadily. The sky is dark.

Here are some video stills of the inlet and beach. Sorry for the quality but spray from the surf and the steady rain and mist make it difficult for lenses to stay dry.
It is dark out even though it is only 3PM.
Here is the inlet and a dozer is shoring up the beach.

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  1. Good Morning !
    Thanks to daylight saving time,it's still dark when I get up.
    The day is dreary with a damp chill that seems to go right through one.Such odd weather !
    Stay warm and well , my friend.So glad to hear from you !

  2. Annie, you certainly have had your share of rough weather! I love to watch a stormy sea but I'm guessing even I'd grow tired of it after awhile! Have a nice, warm day despite the winds!

  3. Another gale, my darling Annie ?!?
    Keep warm at home and take care !

    Thinking of you with so much love


  4. hi Annie! Oh my goodness, crazy weather. Hope you have a nice Wednesday!
    Take care HUGS

  5. Hi Annie. Sorry to see your surf is wild again! Our weather has been just wonderful! SO glad our cool spell is over! Hugz!


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