March 4, 2016

End of the Week.. snowy gale and lost coffee

It is snowing out today and cold. Spring, not my favorite time of year anyway, seems far off.
Tonight my daughter leaves for Norway, then London and will be gone 2 weeks. I miss her already darn it.

Snow began last night and is still falling silently outside my window.
The day began with a bang.
 I walked (such as I am able) to the kitchen, made coffee in the French press and and poured a bit of hot water into the coffee cup to heat it up.
Then I walked back to my bedroom to get a few things and returned to the kitchen where I picked up the French press and dumped half the freshly brewed coffee down the kitchen drain.
Well, I do actually. I was absent mindedly doing things..something I find myself to have always been guilty of, and instead of pouring the hot water out of the cup, I dumped away half the coffee.
I began this doofy behavior quite early in life.
When I was 13 I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. At the time I used a teaspoon of sugar in my tea along with the milk. I was, as usual, somewhere else in my head and instead of pouring the hot water from the kettle into the tea cup I poured it into the sugar bowl.
So, this is nothing new.
 I just have to start concentrating on what I am doing and stop the wandering around in my head.
 Here are some views of the ocean this morning during this snowy gale.
Gale warnings have not been down for well over a month or so now.
You can click these photos to make them larger if you like.

Today's beach cam view .. gale winds, snow


  1. So sorry for your snow and the loss of half your coffee. I do the same thing, I do things so automatically that I sometimes forget what I'm doing! Have a safe, warm day.

  2. Today the sky and the Ocean were quarreling, probably, what incredible view you can enjoy by your cottage, I love the images you've posted, my darling Annie !
    May your weekend be filled with the light of joy and with the warmth of love, with so much thankfulness

  3. Good Morning !
    All of us share the results of being distracted.The body,allowed to be on "auto-pilot",does get into trouble...a ship without a captain.
    The sea is fierce in your photos...what a wind ...but I an delighted by the face in the coffee foam !

  4. I find, as I am getting older, myself doing the same! It seems I get distracted by the littlest things! I hope the days go by quickly, and your daughter will be back! Gorgeous pics! I love coming to visit you here! Enjoy your day...I am off to brew a pot of coffee!

  5. It certainly is beautiful there, Annie.

    We're two peas in a pod with absentmindedness. I do it so often I just laugh at myself :)

    hugs to you and stay warm,

  6. Welcome to my world Annie. Sounds normal to me. LOL!


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