March 17, 2016

Plants and Pets

Since Spring is on the way, here is a reminder about plants and your pets.
I will have a bigger post tomorrow.
 Friday Update: Nope, won't have a bigger post.  Had to pick up the little from school with a fever and upset tummy so busy with her right now.

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  1. Very interesting, Annie. I knew about poinsettas but not the others. My Mandy is always wanting to sample things as she goes for her walk so I have to watch her closely. Have a great day.

  2. This is truly interesting, my dearest one !
    Some flowers are so wonderful, but so dangerous four our pets, it's precios for us to remeber it !

    With much gratitude I wish you a most wonderful weekend ever, sweetest Annie,
    sending blessings of joy to you


  3. Thanks for that reminder Annie. Happy Spring!


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