July 7, 2016

Salt Marsh

This is the salt marsh just to the side of my neighborhood.
 Often the water reflects the sky and is such a vivid blue.
The water is home to all kinds of fish, otter, mink, turtles and frogs.  
Rabbits and deer live around there as well.


  1. Wow ! I want to see this place

  2. What a lovely place you live! I love to see places where nature can live like that. Have a blessed day.

  3. I grew up across the street from a salt marsh and a little marina .
    This photo brings back the sights , scents and sounds so familiar .
    Thank you again for all you do .

  4. Hi Annie; My first day back after a week of illness. Your header is absolutely gorgeous! Such a talent!! Love the salt marsh photo too. Have a wonderful weekend dear Annie, Hugs

    1. I did not paint this header Toni. I do not know who did. I redesigned a template I used many years ago to fit the new Blogger and redid the header but, this one is not my own painting. I placed a disclaimer on that on the sidebar but since I do paint most of my own headers I guess people did not notice.
      Glad you are feeling better Toni.


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