July 20, 2016

The Beach

These are not my photos.
They are from the news stories about the change in New Jersey waters.
They show the increasingly tropical color at the New Jersey coast.
Phytoplankton is the cause but changing climate is responsible for it.
We used to be darker  blue/green water but this year it is lighter and clearer.
Our temps are more like the Carolinas once were it seems to me.
Winters are not as cold anymore and summers are more humid than ever.

Ocean City, NJ beaches have been named the finest in the USA.
NJ usually ranks up in the top.
I have always believed that we had the best beaches.  The swimming is pretty safe and the water usually pretty nice for it too.
Our sugary white sand completes the package.
The only problem is our population swells during tourist season here at the shore.
Oh well, we love tourists!

1 comment:

  1. You have shared one of my favorite things about the shore-
    the surf !I love the sight , scent and sound of it !
    Definitely my "happy place'!!
    Be well , my friend !


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