August 28, 2016

Pooh and Piglet:
Comfort for the Heart

he  sweet comfort of Pooh and Piglet never fails to warm the heart....
Take time each day to see the warm and sweet side of life even when things seem difficult.


  1. The sweet simplicity of that true friendship indeed touches the heart .
    There was a cartoon series years ago called "Ziggy",by Tom Wilson.I saved one that means more as I age.It reads (as Ziggy ponders on a moonlit bench):
    "I'm thankful...Somewhere along the way I stopped anxiously waiting for things I wanted!I gave up waiting and just went on living...and did all of the little things I enjoy...I figured that if I couldn't be happy with what I've got,then I'd NEVER be happy!Then a funny thing happened...once I accepted being content with what I had...I started to get things I'd always wanted! contentment and happiness !!"
    Have a sweet day , my friend!

  2. I love Winnie and one of my favorite sayings of Pooh to Piglet is, "If you live to be 100 I want to live to be 100 minus 1 day so I never have to live one day without you". I still read all of the books for I never will grow out of my love for them :)


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