August 30, 2016


uesday's are reserved for my kids and dinner and Pretty Little Liars to which we are addicted.
It is the first half finale of the final season tonight.
After tonight we'll have to wait until January to see the last few episodes of the series. Much too long to wait for the answers to a mystery that has been going on since 2010!

I spent the morning outside in the yard doing what little I can  and the yard is looking somewhat decent!
Then I sat in a chair to wash the kitchen floor.  It's a joke really but, I try. It took me  2 hours.
No, it's not a big kitchen, I just have a hard time because I can't bend or twist and it hurts to do this stuff.  But it is clean !
I still have miles to go, however.  I need to shop for onions and meat and start dinner soon.
 When the bay is this lovely shade of blue you get a renewed sense of energy.
At least I do.


  1. So very nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for admiring Theo! We rescued him from a kill shelter and he is a doll. You live in a gorgeous area. Your painting in the header is lovely. I sympathize with trying to get a clean floor w/o bending too much. Hopefully you did not hurt yourself and you and the family will have a good night. I'm following you now.

    1. Hi Mildred.Thanks so much for dropping by :)

  2. So happy with your wonderful header ! It's great medicine for a coastal girl .
    I admire your fortitude and perseverance...forging ahead despite the "challenges"...few would do so .
    Rest easy in your lovely,clean home,my friend !

  3. I clean the same way Annie. When I vaccum I do so in spurts as I have to sit every so often too. Your header as usual is wonderful my friend. Have a lovely day ahead.


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