September 30, 2016

A Second Post for Friday

took this photo live from our town's beach cam Sept. 30, a wild end to the month.
As you can see the surf is wild and all the way up to the beach steps.
You will notice that the camera lens is very misty. Don't forget to see the previous posts photos for Friday Foto Friends too.


  1. Oh my. That is scary! How far are you from that area?

  2. Hi Annie, another pretty picture. Darylynn posted at her blog. Have a nice weekend. Hugs

  3. Wow! what a great shot and a little scary! Hope it didn't get worse. We had the blowing wind and lots of rain all day yesterday the constant mist made it look like snow too. LOL! Have a blessed weekend dear Annie.

  4. Beautiful and scary...and I just loveeeeeeeeeeeee your blog header. Chilly and rainy again here in western NY.

  5. Your photo is beautiful!
    It is sometimes needful to be reminded there are more powerful things than we...humbling...and yet comforting that we are kept safe.
    Thank you for another wonderful post!

  6. P.S.-Your header always makes me smile.How wonderful to imagine living in such a place...with all the sights,sounds and scents...and sharing it with a trusty friend !


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