September 27, 2016

Presidential Debate
My 2 Cents

I   have seen better debates in high schools.

 Both candidates are childish.
Sorry but neither one is all that bright. Both are a bit self absorbed.
Both put money before all else.

The moderator was biased and the whole thing was a non event.

I guess the days of real presidential candidates is over.
You know the founding fathers did not want political parties at all. They wanted only people whose sole concern was the nation's welfare but political parties appeared almost immediately and at that point elections became very dirty with a lot of character assassination  and underhanded shenanigans.

Poor America.


  1. I didn't watch the debate and I'm glad I didn't. Our country is in trouble and I see no one running who can fix it.

    1. You didn't miss much Melanie. It was worthless.

  2. I hear ya...ohhhhhhhhhhh how I love your new blog look, smiles.

    1. Thank you Linda :) I appreciate that.

  3. Hi Annie, our nation is in trouble for sure. But on the other hand, our real leader is a King and His will be done. Biblical prophesy shows that the US will lose it's world power. Love the new look. Added wedding pics, link left on wedding couple.

  4. Tuned in and tuned out instantly. On a much better note, I absolutely love your header. You are truly talented my friend. Thank you so much for your caring comment on my blog dear Annie. I sincerely appreciate your caring knowing you go through worse. Have a blessed day ahead. Hugs


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