September 18, 2016

Sunday Perspective

Somthings are worth sharing with everyone you know because they just say so much.  This video is one of them as it brings home the danger of phones while driving.
We live in the days of instant self gratification.
 We want things now! We must have coffee while driving. We deserve it right? We must make that call, or take that call NOW.
We simply must say what is on our mind the instant it comes to mind. It is rooted in impatience and self concern and it is something that needs to be conquered and managed.
Remember the days when you did one thing at a time? You had more time and less stress actually.
If people can't control their phones, they should lose their phones.


  1. This is a very moving video, Annie. People just don't realize the consequences of what can happen. Young people think they are immortal. My daughter in law was injured in a car accident because she was texting while driving. She survived but had a long recovery.

  2. Impossible to view this without tearing up...
    one can only hope the lesson is learned by all who see this .
    Thank you,as always,for sharing.


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