September 9, 2016

The Beautiful Sky

 oday I am linking up with Debbie for Friday Foto Friends and with Skywatch Friday too!

Don't you just love watching the changing skies?  They are never the same and change hour by hour, day by day into the most beautiful shapes and colors .
I study the sky for my paintings but I can never reproduce the real thing in all its glory!
Here are some photos I took of the sky around my neighborhood.  I hope you enjoy.


  1. Beautiful, Annie! I love the ever changing panorama of sky too.

  2. Gorgeous photos of the sky at different times. Love the 1st calm sky and the storm clouds. Have a lovely weekend dear Annie.

  3. Beautiful photos. The sky is amazing. Wish you was here to watch the Dutch skies! I think you love this blog: Painting skies.

  4. Beautiful....and all so different! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up again today....I look forward to Friday's and getting to visit my FFF's! HOPE you have a great weekend.

  5. Like your fabulous pictures!

  6. I love taking pictures of the sky! Those are gorgeous!

  7. Thanks for the memories...of time spent waterside...of watching the clouds with beloved family members-now gone-and naming their imagined shapes(the clouds' shapes,not the family members' !).
    Every visit to your blog is a delight,my friend!
    Have a splendid day!!!

  8. Wow These photos are stunning!


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