October 24, 2016

♫Autumn in New York ♩ ♬

favorite quote from "You've Got Mail".
The screenplay by Nora Ephron had 
so many quotes that just seemed to come straight out of my head.
So, I cobbled together a little graphic.


  1. Love that movie! I think autumn anywhere makes that place more beautiful!

  2. Hi Annie! So nice to see that you're still blogging. Just stopping by to say hi and enjoying reading your wonderful post.

  3. Wonderful movie...interesting lessons-that things,and people are not always what they seem-that who we are inside and what we hold dear are not always what shows on the outside...
    Another lovely header!
    Have a splendid,comfortable day,my friend!!

  4. One of my favorite movies and quotes. Love the graphic you created for it too. Have a lovely day of blessings dear Annie.


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