October 9, 2016

Friday Foto Friends..
a bit late!

am very late to the party, but here I am joining in the Friday Foto Friends with 2 short videos I took today.
While hurricane Matthew is still hovering around the Carolinas and has dumbed itself down a good deal you can see the winds and rain the outer fringes of the storm are bringing to the southern part of New Jersey.
It is too windy and rainy on the open water to shoot a video there. I am afraid I will ruin my camera and since I have a bionic spine (LOL) I am unsteady in strong winds so that doesn't make for a steady video during a storm.
The fish love the rain!
The lens on the camera was getting wet so I could not film for long and I was getting wet as well and it is a chilly day outside.

Since the lens was getting pelted by rain the video is a bit wonky and of course the wind was bumping me around as well. But, you get the idea anyway.
If the wind dies down even a bit I will film the bay to show you.

In other news my daughter is home from business trips to New Orleans, Oslo and London. It's good to have her home again.


  1. I enjoyed the videos. The second one is pretty much what it was like where I am all day Friday - outer bands with occasional gusts. I'm glad that Matthew turned before he came up your way. Have a restful evening. I know you are glad your daughter is home.

  2. Happy Sunday evening Annie, I enjoyed your videos very much. We were lucky up here in my neck of the woods but I have family in Florida besides my daughter. My cousins lost electricity and others had the heavy rains and winds. I thank The Lord they are all okay. Nice to have your daughter home. I miss mine but get to talk to her every day. Have a lovely day ahead my friend.

  3. It's so good to hear from you. I was worried about your safety. Thanks for linking up, but I would have completely understood if you hadn't. Great videos.

  4. Nice videos !
    Those fish are beauties !
    Glad you were safe and warm during the storm...that it blew out to sea and that your girl is safely back...an abundance of riches...


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