October 2, 2016

Menu this Week

F or the week of October 2:

all with big serving of veggies (more veggies than meat)
pot roast/deli rolls/chicken soup
Chicken with peppers
roasted chicken with potatoes
Turkish brisket

Here is a good, simple recipe for a deli roll.
You can substitute the meats for whatever you like and add cheese if you wish.
I like them with very lean pastrami or corned beef or thinly sliced turkey and sauerkraut.
I prepare sauerkraut by rinsing it thoroughly to remove the excess sodium, then I cook  it with a bit of  oil and  caraway seeds. I let it cook until the caraway permeates the kraut and until the kraut is very slightly browned as well.
Deli rolls are delicious with mustard sauce made of mayo and your favorite mustard.
You can add honey to it for a honey mustard sauce too. Just mix mayo, mustard and honey to taste in whatever proportions suit you.

For all my Jewish friends    כתיבה וחתימה טובה
שנה טובה


  1. So, what time is dinner? {{giggling and smiling}}---I haven't even made up a menu yet...I do believe pot roast will be on the menu though. Have a beautiful week, smiles.

    P.S. I just loveeeeeeeee your blog headers, always make me smile.

  2. Sounds delicious *drool*.
    Pot roast is on the menu for Tuesday this week, it's a staple around here.
    Love the photograph !

  3. Yes, Shanah Tova to our Jewish friends. Your dinner sounds wonderful!

  4. Always a treat to visit here!
    I just made a quick chicken stew with leftover rotisserie chicken added to cubed sweet potatoes,carrots,celery,onion and garlic,with a bit of tarragon and Mrs.Dash.Soo good on these damp and chilly rainy days!
    May you always be blessed!


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