October 13, 2016

Pretty Posts
A Dropcap Tutorial

osts look nice with a dropcap I think.
I could be fooling myself but I like to think they do.

Here is how you make them in Blogger.
Always back up your blog first.

Go to "template" and there you will post some CSS in the advanced section. template ---customize--- advanced---Add CSS and add the following:

You can change the parts in red to suit yourself and of course you can change the dropcap color to whatever you like.
You can monkey around with padding also if the letter is too close , too far away,etc.
Then just add save it.
Now in the 'settings' go to 'posts' , 'comments' and 'sharing' and you add  this to post template:

this will now appear on every post for you in html version.
Just add the first letter of your first word in the space between ><  like this :

It will look like this:


I hope this is of use to someone. :)


  1. Pretty nifty! I'll have to try that! Thanks, Annie.

  2. Hi Annie! I love learning new things for my blog! I appreciate all the help I can get! I am going to give it a try!


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