November 29, 2016

Toni's 5 Senses Meme

would like to join in Toni's meme on the five senses.
 5 Delights for Each Sense:

I love the taste of:
Crisp fried eggplant
Greek food
A really good cup of tea or coffee
Eggs with fried potatoes, mushrooms and fried tomato for breakfast!
 My grandmothers'  pies

I love the sight of:
The Wasatch Mountains when they turn shades of
purple at sunset.
The ocean
starry skies at night

I love the feel of:
fresh sheets on a bed
sandy beaches on bare feet
wind and breeze on my skin
coming home

I love the smell of:
Food cooking in the kitchen
salt air
a clean house
fresh air

I've been missing because of holidays and just not feeling too well, but I am back now hopefully.


  1. Hi Annie! I did this meme too! I loved your answers! We love many of the same things! Happy Tuesday!

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  3. Hi Annie, I'm so glad you did the meme. Enjoyed reading your answers too. I pray you are feeling better my friend. Take care and have a lovely day ahead.

  4. I love the smell of the salt/ocean air as well. I hope your feeling better now...thank you for the many smiles your lovely blog brings.

  5. So glad you're back...missed you !
    I,too,am a big fan of salt air,the sight of ocean surf and my dear ones,the taste of Chicken Francais(as only the local bistro can make it !)and very dark chocolate,and the feel of very smooth things-well polished wood,satin,smiling baby cheeks...
    Despite this rainy weather,I hope you are comfortable...tea in hand...

  6. Meme's are always fun...I enjoyed your answers.

  7. Dear, loving Annie,
    it was so nice and lovely to read your meme, actually, the more I know you, the more I appreciate you and feel you to be a kindred soul !

    Hope you're having the best of weeks
    I'm sending you my dearest love across the Ocean

    Xx Dany

  8. Hi Annie, I love the smell of the salty ocean too. Can't be near perfumes cause of my allergies. I diffuse essential oils. Love your header! Hugs


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