November 11, 2016

Veterans Day 2016 amd Friday Foto Friends

Thank you veterans. We appreciate your self less service to your nation.
"Don't mess with me"
We appreciate the liberty and democratic values you fought to both establish and preserve for us at the very peril of your own life.

My family served with pride from the Revolutionary War and right up to  the present day.

The United States of America is a representative republic based on democratic values.
It is, as President Abraham Lincoln said, a " government of the people, by the people, for the people."

To the current crop of young people who are currently burning the American flag and showing their hatred for the democratic process and  to those of the eternally childish (like the narcissists of Hollywood and rock and roll fame etc) who now seemingly despise  democracy and want power imposed by force  and  who now threaten (in tantrums similar to two year olds) to leave the country for residence elsewhere I have this to say:
Good bye and don't let the door hit your backside on the way out.


And Debbie's  Friday Foto Friends"  Inside and Outside...
You can click the photos to see them full size.


  1. Hi Annie, I agree with you completely!
    I adore your fall photos; so very pretty. This is my favorite time of the year.
    Wishing you a blessed weekend. Thank you to your family members for their service to our Country.

  2. Awesome photography....and I wholeheartedly agree. Those young people truly do need to have their butts spanked (spare the rod, spoil the child)! HOPE you have a wonderful weekend....thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. I too agree those that burn the flag and show disrespect for others and properties should be punished. I believe in rights but downright hatred for flag and the American way by destroying others rights should move out of the country. My family too served from WWII on. If it wasn't for our veterans and military these spoiled brats wouldn't be able to do what they do. Enough preaching from me LOL! Love the beautiful photos Annie and I thank you and your family for service to our great country. Have a weekend of blessings my friend.

  4. First of all, your pictures are so pretty, I enjoyed them all. NOW, I so agree with you...don't let the door hit their backside on the way out!! If that's the way they feel then they really should GO.

  5. Beautiful pictures and I couldn't agree with you more. What kind of people raised these kids and I am sick and tired of the media and the celebrities who think it is all right to stir up the hatred. They're always talking about love and tolerance, but I would really like for them to get to work and show me some of it.

  6. Pretty,pretty photos! Love the little video graphic. I'll even hold the door for them!

  7. Your photos are,as always,wonderful! Keep them coming!
    The behavior of the masses of self righteous/self-involved vocal folks brings another old saying to mind-"Don't bite the hand that feeds you" !
    One commentator said yesterday that although it is our right to peacefully protest...once you progress from that to hurting someone and destroying property,you go from a protester to a criminal and deserve to be punished accordingly!
    Have a splendid day and enjoy the cooler weather,my friend !

  8. Annie, your photos are spectacular! I am in Thanksgiving mode right now, cleaning, prepping, sorting recipes, I love it all!

  9. Annie, your photos are spectacular! I am in Thanksgiving mode right now, cleaning, prepping, sorting recipes, I love it all!


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