November 2, 2016

Wednesday Meme

Want to answer some questions?
These are gleaned from around the web.
Why not give them a try and learn a bit more about yourself and your blog friends!

1.  You want a treat. No issues or restrictions prevent you from having whatever you want.  What do you order?
An ice cream soda made with chocolate soda and scoops of vanilla ice cream,
 a  deep fried New Jersey style hot dog with tons of sauerkraut and Kosciusko Brown Polish mustard and super crispy french fries and onion rings!
Or an Italian Hot Dog which consists of a deep fried hot dog  on an Italian roll topped with golden fried potatoes, fried red and green peppers and onions, ketchup and mustard.  Fries and onion rings, thank you.
I will have a big slice of my mother's lemon meringue pie for dessert, thank you.
She made it with fresh lemon and 3 inches of golden meringue on top.
Or ....
A Philly Cheesesteak onion rings on the side served with horseradish sauce.
Okay I am driving myself crazy with food lust here....

2. Is there any place you won't go?
    Disney Land/World because they fired American workers so they could replace them with foreign workers at a cheaper wage and then made the American workers train their replacements with the threat of not receiving their severance pay unless they did.
Rotten, vile and unforgivable
Disney will never see a dime of my money for that. Wouldn't even go for free.

3. Do you like to be part of a team or play solo?
   I like playing on a team.  I like to be part of something and work with people to win.

4. Can you golf? Do you like it?
    No but I always wanted to learn. I love the idea of being outside on the greens. With my spine now, however, I cannot play.

5. Name 4 items in your refrigerator.
    Milk, mayonnaise, greens for salad, eggs.

6. Do you refrigerate your mustard and ketchup?
   No, no, a thousand times no! My kids always tried to though but I hate cold ketchup on my food.

7. What did you do on your first date?
    Went to the zoo

8.  It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. What are you doing?
    Probably painting.
    Having a cup of tea.

9.  Tell us about a movie that left you speechless.
A Man for All Seasons.
I was blown away by  Thomas More,  Sadly, today, it is popular to denigrate   good people with fake 'history'.

10.  Who is your favorite literary character?
        Spenser from Robert Parker's Spenser for Hire detective novel series.
        I've seen the TV program in reruns.


  1. A fun meme. I'll try to join in this evening or perhaps tomorrow. I used to love Disney but they have changed. Still quality in what they do but behind the scenes, some shady stuff. Plus, they have priced themselves out of my budget. I remember when they hired the foreign computer workers and told the ones they were letting go that they had to train the new ones or they wouldn't get a reference. Pretty sad.

  2. I've seen that movie. Amazing. I've read the play as well, and it's one of my favorites. xoxo Su


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