December 9, 2016

Friday Foto Friends

W inter is fast approaching.
 December 21 will mark the beginning of Winter but it is already making an appearance.
My daughter is flying to her London office today and will return next Friday.
Meanwhile, I am joining with Debbie for Friday Foto Friends.

The frozen waterfall .

The icy sky at days end.

Cold winds blow the clouds across the sky.

Late afternoons are a time for hot tea and coffee.


  1. The frozen waterfall: Very cool! (no pun intended!!!)

  2. I love that table setting. I love any post that mentions hot tea, hot chocolate or coffee.

  3. The frozen waterfall is so pretty! We're having some cold weather but nothing icy! Agreeing with Brenda @ Mamaw's Place, love to see hot tea, hot chocolate or hot coffee being served!

  4. Oh your pretty header...... You know I spotted that cardinal! So pretty! Loved all your photos! Thanks so much for linking up with us today.

  5. Very pretty...the polar express has hit and it is heavy snowing this morning in western NY. Thank you for the many smiles...have a beautiful Saturday friend.

  6. Such pretty photos. The frozen waterfall is beautiful! Makes me shiver just looking at it. Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Beautiful waterfall photo! I enjoyed your pictures today.

  8. The Summer Girl (me !) is never pleased with the realities of winter and having to personally experience them !
    However,your paintings,photos and warming recipes are a delight !
    Thank you !


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