Mar 1, 2017

Time Off

Sorry for the unexplained absence if anyone noticed that is!
I have been busy with stuff both good and bad and just could not do much else.
It is thundering and raining hard right now... a favorite kind of weather for me and the Little and I are about to begin a round of Candy Land, our favorite game to play together.
Wish me luck...she always beats me!


  1. Love to play Candy Land as much as the little ones do! Have fun!!

  2. Its ok Annie...I have been out sick myself and trying to get back to visiting has been proven harder than I thought...keeping you in prayer friend.

  3. Your absence was noticed and you were indeed sorely missed !
    Hope all is well now , my friend !

  4. I have been missing you and I'm so glad you checked in here. I have never played Candy Land - would you believe! I hope you were able to win at least one game! Have a great day.

  5. Hi Annie, glad to see you post but I do understand you needing to take some time off. I hope you have a great week. Hugs

  6. Yes I noticed and have missed you dear Annie. But I knew there was a good reason for it and pray it wasn't all health related. Right now Spring seems far away here in my neck of the woods. It's snowing and back to below temps and winter. Take care and have a day of blessings dear friend.

  7. Hi sweet Annie :)

    I came back and you're taking a break.... I understand though. We all need time away. I hope the bad gets better and the good gets even better. I also hope you had fun playing Candyland. Take care of yourself, my friend.

    hugs to you,

  8. Missing you !!!
    The blizzard seems to have missed snow here,but the wind-driven rain and sleet kept us all at home and off the roads anyway .
    Be well,safe and warm,my friend.Hope to hear from you soon...

  9. Hi Annie! Hope you are doing well. Happy Spring! xo

  10. Hi Annie! Glad you are back, hope you had fun playing Candyland! Such a fun game.
    Happy Spring! Have a nice week.


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